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Presidential yacht Seventy-fith an
F.D.R.'s "Floating White House"
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Volunteer opportunities
History Docents:
The History of the Potomac, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, and the Era of the Great Depression and World War II is the framework for all of the Association’s activities. Educating students of all ages about this amazing couple, their accomplishments and place in United States history is our mission. History Docents are trained to lead guided tours of the Potomac, dockside and while underway. They guide visitors on tours and cruises, answer questions, and build the excitement and knowledge about this extraordinary time in America’s history.
Educational Programs: History docents lead our Educational Cruise Program. This program focuses on classroom students in grades five through eight, that allows the Presidential Yacht Potomac to become a classroom that opens the door to this historic era.
Maintenance Volunteers: The Yacht is seventy five years old and in excellent condition, both in appearance and in operation. The ship is maintained by an all volunteer group under the guidance of a professional Ship Keeper, Maintenance Volunteers, work on the mighty Enterprise engines, keep the teak decks and brass fittings beautiful, chip and paint and do all of the duties required to keep our Potomac a shining example of maritime excellence. All of this is an ongoing job that is done with love and care by a fabulous group of volunteers.
Speakers Bureau: The Potomac Association offers talented volunteers who speak to civic clubs and other groups that are interested in it's fascinating history. If you enjoy public speaking, we would love to have you join.
Operations and Administrative Volunteers: The Potomac Association’s operations are handled by very competent volunteers who take cruise reservations, coordinate programs, maintain our Friends of the Potomac and Potomac Currents databases, develop our web pages, answer phones, write our newsletter and handle many other tasks.

The Potomac Association  is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. Federal tax identification #93-0830589.
Address: 540 Water Street Oakland, CA 94607
Telephone: 510-627-1215
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