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Presidential yacht Seventy-fith an
F.D.R.'s "Floating White House"
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Talented writers from many sources contribute to a wealth of information and articles about President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, and the historic era of the Roosevelt Presidency, the Great Depression and WWII. This section offers a selection of articles, and a syllabus of recommended reading.
Below are just a few articles about the ship.

pdf Tour of the USS Potomac - part 1

pdf Tour of the USS Potomac - part 2

pdf  Presidential Yachts
pdf A Synchrony of Atlantic Conference August 1941

pdf Cruising with the President

pdf Architect Roosevelt

pdf A Presidential Yacht

pdf FDR Radio Address for Jackson Day Dinners

pdf WPA and it's Impact on the Bay Area

pdf October 15, 1980 letter by William Montgomery

pdf Sister Ships Coast Guard Patrol Boats

pdf FDR a Public Career

pdf Vessel History Timeline


Other maritime resources:

Ship and Passenger Lists: gives steps on searching for specific vessels and passengers on those vessels.

Maritime Information Exchange: U.S. Coast Guard database of ships.


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